“When you are built up on the inside, you always feel you have the ability to take on the world”. Many who know me often attest to the fact that they get immensely motivated in my space. In 2014, I decided to spread that motivation further than my immediate circle and launched Minute Motivation. Using acronyms (which are easy to remember), I teach life lessons and help you to grow as a person.

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I am a successful Sales Director, working with Mary Kay cosmetics and a large chunk of who I am today I learnt on the field as a beauty consultant. I know what a confident look does to you and with my Mary Kay business, I teach you just that – how to have flawless skin and choose the right make-up. Visit my site or contact me to schedule a free consultation.

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As part of my elaborate 40th birthday celebration, I treated myself to a week-long ‘Finishing school’. What started as a bit of fun suddenly conjured so many emotions in me. Apart from learning how to sit upright, walk tall and eat right, I saw how many could be side-tracked because of lack of knowledge of what obtains. In true Doyin style, I put together an opportunity to help EVERYONE learn the basics on a budget. Visit my Etiquette Matters site to find out more.

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