“When you are built up on the inside, you always feel you have the ability to take on the world”. Many who know me often attest to the fact that they get immensely motivated in my space. In 2014, I decided to spread that motivation further and launched Minute Motivation. Minute Motivation are short powerful lessons in life and business. Using acronyms (which are easy to remember), I show you how to turn your desires into action.
Minute Motivation



As a successful Sales Director with Mary Kay Cosmetics for the past 14years, a large chunk of who I am today I learnt in the field as a beauty consultant. Flawless skin, the right make-up and presentation will boost any woman's confidence. I teach just that in my Mary Kay business as well as the Etiquette Matters course. Visit my site or contact me to schedule a free consultation.
Get Adorned



When I turned 40, I treated myself to a week-long ‘Finishing school’ ☺. What started as a bit of fun has evolved into the "Etiquette Matters" course. My vision is to prepare women so that they show up, stand up and stand out with poise, knowledge and confidence in whatever setting they find themselves, instead of getting shut out or side-lined because of lack of knowledge of what obtains. Visit my Etiquette Matters site to find out more.
Get Prepared



Minute Motivation with Doyin are short and sharp nuggets of wisdom to keep you motivated and focused.
To My Daughters
A Legacy Project.

Many are surprised that my first published work as an author is a book for young ladies. Most expected that if I were to write, it would be a ‘Business guide’ of some sort. My reason is simple. It is important to me is that all I learn today is passed on to the next generation. This book is all about living well and leaving a legacy. The aim is to:

  • Pass our wisdom and strength on to the next generation
  • Teach them to Live well
  • Leave a legacy
  • Prepare them for the future
  • Help them Chart the right course
  • Encourage them to Become exceptional
  • Teach them how to adopt the right Attitude


It is my desire to give out 1000 copies of this book to Secondary school leavers in my home country, Nigeria. With your help, we can gift them copies and chart a course for their future. To help in funding this project, please click on the fundraising button below.




The ALTMD Project is underway.