Doyin Olorunfemi

After our inspirational evening on the 3rd of September we have officially launched the "A Letter to my daughters" project.

 1000 books. 1000 young African women given the motivation to succeed. The books have started finding their way into the hands of the girls. This is where I will keep you updated on our progress as well as where you can continue to support the vision. 

 With the power of partnership, we can make a difference and affect posterity. 

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"A Letter to My Daughters" - Let us share the vision

Last year, while listening to some of my Nigerian friends talk about the state of my birth country Nigeria, I had that familiar feeling of 'Can anything be done?' I remembered growing up, full of hope that I can be part of the change that will make my country great again.

I am committed to doing my bit with the youth (are they not the future?) and my book A Letter to my Daughters is the first of many such projects. In the book, I detail my experiences from childhood, suggesting ways a young woman can grow up to be the best possible version of herself.

This September, my vision is to ‘tour the land’, holding talks at different locations and give 1000 FREE copies of "A Letter to my Daughters" book to the young girls (age 15 – 24) in Nigeria.

I believe if I can influence these young women, they will go on to influence their families and there will be a change in our nation because families form the core of our nation.


The Organisations We are Working With include... 

  • God's Girls Club, Lagos
  • Christ Love Fellowship, Ile-Ife
  • Sesewa, Lagos
  • Kub Konnect, Abuja
  • God's Grace Foundation, Oshogbo
  • Christ Love Fellowship, Ile-Ife
  • Pearls Africa, Lagos
  • and many more...

Some examples of my motivational talks

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GROW with Goals
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What People are saying about ALTMD

Shane Melaugh

A Letter to my Daughters: Be the Best You is a bedside piece, a book for keeps. It’s full of practical tips you’ll have to keep referring to until you master them. My favorite part of the book is the ‘Take Action’ elements in part two; it helps you put what you’ve read into practice. I’m working with my daughter to master the positive attitudes Doyin Olorunfemi passionately talks about. The journey this book has taken us on is shaping my daughter’s character and transforming mine.

Amazon Customer

Shane Melaugh

What an awesome book! Easy to read and definitely full of wisdom to help 'Be the best you'. I particularly like the A-Z attitudes in the book. I will highly recommend the book as I believe there's something for everyone in the book. Kudos to the author.

Rachel Osinaike

About the book

Doyin was inspired to write this letter and share her advice with young women. In four parts, she explores the mind-set and tips that led her to success, inviting you to

  • learn from own journey and how it has shaped her,
  • adopt the attitudes you need to achieve exceptionality,
  • understand relationships and how to properly cultivate them, and
  • apply her creative acronyms to help you memorize this wealth of wisdom.

The book is at once unique, playful, and thoughtful. You’ll be motivated by the “attitude alphabet” and nourished by the carefully chosen scriptures. By the end, you’ll have grown in confidence and feel empowered to run your own life’s race with poise and grace.

(or use the link below to donate some books)