My Projects

I teach people to maximise their potential and leverage it in having an enviable life. For me, an enviable life is not necessarily defined by an abundance of money in the bank, but a cycle that spans from living well to living out through living full. Before you arch your brow wondering what all that was about, let me explain it better. To LiveWell is to enjoy the benefits of financial independence, amazing family life, health and all that comes with it; to LiveFull is to connect with, and live according to the purpose for which God has created you and to LiveOut is to empower my world and the next generation, starting from my immediate family with the skills I develop.
A while back I randomly interviewed very successful entrepreneurs and observed this pattern in them too. Those who do well, make an impact and have influence are those who have moved beyond just ‘working to make money’ to a philanthropic and purpose-driven venture.

This is why I love being involved in projects. Past and current projects are showcased below, and I implore you to get involved. You can join me to change the narrative of those not as fortunate as us and together we can have a go at changing our world for good.

Diabetes UK Million Steps challenge

Millions of people in the UK, including me, are living with Diabetes. The reasons for the disease differ from one person to the other but what remains constant is the part that education plays in living with the disease. This is why, in addition to seizing this as an opportunity to stay fit, I am also raising money for DiabetesUK.

Beauty That Counts

Every year I choose a charity to support and 5% of my total Mary Kay product sales is sent to the charity. This year, I struggled to pick one, so I am supporting three. Please click on their website link to donate to them directly, or shop on my Mary Kay website to get yourself some amazing skin care and cosmetic products, knowing that 5% of what you spend with me will be donated to the three charities below
  • The Bible Society
  • Imago Dei Prison Ministry
  • Look Good Feel Better

A Letter to my Daughters

A few months after publishing my 1st book, A Letter to my Daughters, I embarked on a journey around Nigeria, speaking at 7 different projects for young girls and giving away over 1000 copies of the book. Today, I am still raising funds to support the work which continues in many of these projects. Find out more

Additionally, I created a website  to collect letters written to a young lady you may never meet. It is my hope that young girls who need support will stumble on this site and be encouraged as they read the letters posted by individuals they may never meet. Please stop by and post a letter or make a donation to the project. Thank you!


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