October 19, 2015

ACT : Part of the 'WAY' Series


How did your ‘WRITING’ exercise go? How did it make you feel? Today we move on to the second word that has spurred me on in recent weeks. It begins with the letter ‘A’ and it is ACT! The word itself is powerful enough to get anyone going. I concluded that the biggest dream killer is refusing to act. While waiting to be sure, you would still have progressed somewhat by taking action. The example that comes to mind is standing at crossroads and wondering whether to get left or right. There are 3 possible actions:

  1. Remain where you are
  2. Go the wrong direction
  3. Go the right direction

Of the 3 outcomes, the most destructive is option 1: staying where you are. At least if you take option 2, you’ll soon realise you are headed the wrong way and find your way back to the right route. Many stay at the crossroads of life and never make a headway. Take me for example, this time last year, Minute Motivation did not even exist in my mind. Then sometime in November 2014, I had it as a thought. I still remember driving the girls home from school and sharing my ‘I CAN’ acronym with them. To think it’s grown and impacted so many in less than a year is down to the fact I took ACTION. What world-changing dreams can you birth by taking ACTION today? This week, my challenge to you will be to take action on the most nagging thought on your mind. Have you had a goal, which you pushed aside for long, why not take a step towards it this week? You might find it takes you in the right direction, and if not, you’ll just retrace your steps and start again





"There are risks and costs to action.
But they are far less than the
long range risks of comfortable inaction.”
- John F. Kennedy


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