December 12, 2018


On 13th December 2002, my life took a completely different course... Not just because I became a Mary Kay consultant and all of a sudden started the migration from being a ‘tom boy’ to a ‘girlie girl’, but because it exposed me to aspects of me I never knew; for instance I realised I love helping budding entrepreneurs set structure for profitability in their business. Moreso, it helped me discover the meaning of true BEAUTY.

This is a special edition to celebrate my 16th anniversary as a Mary Kay Beauty consultant. It captures my learnings over the years and shares my perspective on what brings out BEAUTY in a woman, or man.

Beauty acronym

Believe in yourself

  • Belief is confidence in yourself
  • It is knowing that you can achieve what you desire
  • What are you going to back yourself up to achieve?

Equip yourself for tomorrow

  • Every dream you have can be realised if you equip yourself
  • Ask yourself - where do I want to go? Where am I currently? What do I need to get there?
  • Daily do something that takes you closer and your CONFIDENCE will increase

Affirm yourself consistently

  • An affirmation is a public or emphatic declaration of belief
  • Mary Kay taught me to say what I wanted, not what I saw!
  • Simple exercise on writing affirmation

Understand your Uniqueness

  • Look at your palm – very different and so unique. Why are you trying to be a copy, when you have been created an original?
  • Do you know that products have competitive advantage because of their uniqueness, not their resemblance to everything else?
  • When you get home today, write out your strengths, your desires, your weaknesses and begin to connect the dots on how you can nullify your weaknesses and maximise your strengths with your uniqueness – an example of me as an acronym queen

Tenacious in the face of adversity

  • Many women wither and allow adversity to taint them
  • Are you allowing adversity to shape you or steal from you? Don’t make a moment a season!
  • Hold on to your dream like your life depends on it – that is tenacity

Youthful disposition to life.

  • Youthfulness is the ability to have a young person’s qualities of mind and character
  • We can describe the ideal young attitude
    • Carefree
    • Live for today
    • Have fun – parties, dress well, well groomed
  • What makes you feel young at heart again? Slip into that moment every now and then and just ENJOY!

I really enjoyed reflecting back and writing that acronym for you. My prayer is that it teaches you to embrace BEAUTY that goes beyond the surface, but one that stems from within.

In rounding up, I must say that, when looking at myself in the mirror today, I looked much younger than when I started out, so great products and a little bit of lipstick is great as well! It helps express the inner beauty you feel on the inside


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