December 15, 2014

Affirmation : ‘I CAN’ Series

Affirmation is ‘choosing to continually declare a positive trait or outcome’. It’s the choice to constantly say things about yourself that you one day hope to become true… I like to call it the POWER adjectives that makes I want to be become I am…’ Some have dubbed it positivity thinking but dare I say it goes beyond that. Affirmation is not just a thought, you see, it is actually saying those thoughts to yourself consistently until you see them become true in your life.

A while back I would have described myself as quite drab and boring until 12 years ago when my work situation changed. This new job required me to be more people-oriented and I was encouraged to write an affirmation. Even now I chuckle as I remember the 1st line of that affirmation ‘I am enthusiast, exuberant, full of energy and living life to the fullest…’ Fast forward to today and I doubt anyone who knows me now would think I am drab. In fact I am sure they would say I have conformed to my affirmation.

Writing an Affirmation is easy and below, I outline a few steps to developing a Winning Affirmation:

1. Write your first name along a sheet of paper

2. Write down adjectives describing who you want to be that correspond to each letter e.g.
D – Dynamic
O – Optimistic
Y – Young-hearted
I – Inspirational
N – Never stopping

3. Say this to yourself in front of a mirror daily until you know you have become all you wrote. Remember, you are your biggest fan; if anyone can make you feel great, it will start from YOU!

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