December 5, 2017


A good friend of mine once said to me “your words create or destroy!”

Once words are spoken, two things happen, it reinforces a belief you hold (could be positive or negative) and it gives the listener an impression of you (again positive or negative). People generally avoid individuals who are downbeat and speak negatively because negative words are weighty and can shape a life’s course. Belief systems and a ‘can do’ attitude can be threatened by your words. It is therefore essential to guard our words and ensure that they are building up those who listen to us and even us.

Affirmations are positive words spoken intentionally to oneself. They could be pre-scripted or just recited on the cuff. Most times they contain quotes, scripture verses and expectations we have about ourselves. I have seen the strength and importance of affirmation in my life and I have seen myself move from “unsure” to “stable”, from “timid” to “oozing with confidence”. If there’s anything I can say helped me, it is the practice of consistently saying the positive outcome I expect and not the current reality I am experiencing. It has impacted me so much that I doubt I will ever speak or write without reference to the power of affirmations.
Think about this – “no one changed their circumstances by stating the obvious”. “Those who changed their world spoke what they expected, not what they observed!” Every invention started with a thought that was first spoken and then acted upon.

From page 16-23 of my book “90 Days of Grace”, I walk you through practically developing an affirmation. You can ask me how or simply read the book.

Read any Self Development book and someone is bound to tell you of the strength in reciting a set of positive statements to yourself daily. It trains your brain, boost your confidence and ushers you unto the path of success.


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