November 16, 2015

AMPLIFY : Part of the 'GAP' Series

A – is for AMPLIFY.

Sometimes you come across a word that gets you excited. That’s how I feel about the word AMPLIFY! The dictionary defines it as to make larger, greater, or stronger; enlarge; extend. What skills do you have that needs to be amplified? It’s like the age-old verse in the bible that admonishes that ‘light should not be kept under a busheh’!

The world is lacking something because you have kept your unique skill to yourself. You have to make the choice to bring it to the forefront and AMPLIFY it so that more will benefit from it. Need I say more, this is the 48th edition of Minute Motivation and lives have been touched because I chose to AMPLIFY my gift.

What will you be amplifying this week? Drop me a line and let me know





"Hide not your talents.
They for use were made.
What's a sundial in the shade?”
- Benjamin Franklin


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