June 15, 2015

Appearance : 'ABC of Standing Out' Series

ABC of Standing Out

Have you ever wanted to stand out; to position yourself in a way that your intelligence is appreciated and your value is evident? Do you sometimes wonder why some very intelligent people never really make that big break? I too have asked this question a lot lately and this prompted me to research successful people and how they got their break amidst the vast array of talent which this world has to offer…

The purpose of this series is to in some way enlighten you to this so that you too can stand out; this series’ acronym is ABC

A – Appearance
B – Behaviour
C – Communication


Imagine boarding an aeroplane and being greeted by the ‘pilot’, who instead of being dressed in the traditional uniform is dressed in casual shorts and a summer t-shirt. You’ll be worried won’t you? If you’re like me, you’ll probably not fly on the plane... That illustration is one of the most memorable I’ve heard about the importance of appearance in perception. What does your appearance say about you? – Scruffy or intelligent; amiable or boring? Do you dress appropriately for the occasion or according to how you feel?

Whether we like it or not, the way we look – our clothes, carriage and persona create the 1st impression formed about us. Sadly we don’t have a 2nd opportunity to make a 1st impression so may I recommend when meeting anyone for the 1st time, you make an effort to get it right? Choose clothes that flatter you and reflect your personality without giving the impression of being dull or loud. For the ladies amongst us, I recommend subtle makeup and moderate sized jewellery, remembering that ‘classy is best’. For the gents, choose a suit cut that fits your physique.

Another tip is make a note of things you’ve worn and received lots of compliments so that when next you need to go for that career-defining appointment, it becomes your 1st pick…




"There is no actual law that says that
a person of inner beauty
cannot also maintain an appearance"
- Robert Brault


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