June 22, 2015

Behaviour : 'ABC of Standing Out' Series


Is there any such thing as acceptable behaviour? One definition of etiquette I love so much is ‘etiquette means treating people with consideration, respect, and honesty, and being aware of how our actions affect those around us.’ Good behaviour must therefore encompass consideration, respect and honesty.

There is generally acceptable behaviour in Social settings, formal and informal environments and the way you are perceived by the people around you is a big factor in determining if they want to do business with you or not.
Many times, we use the excuse of ignorance in not doing the right things at the right time. In the last series I talked about Investment being one of the key attributes to “Living to the Full’. If I may refer back to this, can I encourage to consider investing in yourself – if you don’t know, then do all you can to LEARN! This summer, I have put together a 1-day training on the 8th of August register at https://theladyworkshop.eventbrite.co.uk or email thelady@staging2.doyin.co.uk for more information. My aim is to, through this training, position people for tomorrow so that they can be noticed in their fields.

To stand out in business communities, it is important to learn the core behavioural skills that are expected. Remember investing in yourself always pays dividends, regardless of the costs involved…





"Etiquette means behaving yourself
a little better than is absolutely essential."
- Will Cuppy


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