June 29, 2015

Communication : 'ABC of Standing Out' Series


Today’s chat is about Communication. Communication comprises of
1. What you say - content
2. What is heard
3. How you say it

To ensure you master the art of communication, consider what you want to say before speaking. Next, ensure what you are saying is not ambiguous or misinterpreted by other cultures. Ask yourself if you are saying it in the most diplomatic manner; then speak as clearly and audibly as possible without raising your voice; modulate your voice to depict the circumstance, placing emphasis when you need to.

People are drawn to orators! I remember listening to President Obama for the very first time and being enthralled by his speeches. While we won’t all become public speakers, we can elicit a few things from what these experts do, especially in social settings and business environments. I have seen people rise to the top of their field because they always seem to know what to say and how to say it without causing offence.

I have spent most of this week talking about verbal communication, but communication also includes written and non-verbal. Whatever the mode, the principles of content & diplomacy must be taken into consideration.

As I conclude this series, ask yourself again ‘What am I doing today to get me to transcend the limits imposed on me by society? Many years ago, Louis IV invented the whole concept of etiquette and side-lined people that were not of the ‘upper class’, not today you can choose to learn and become an elite and a force to reckon with in your filed. The choice is yours!





"Communication - the human connection -
is the key to personal and career success."
- Paul J. Meyer


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