March 9, 2015

Get Pregnant with Your Goal : ‘GROW’ series

The discomfort of pregnancy – the days of not being able to get up, the times of morning sickness and just the whole concept of not knowing what will happen tomorrow is nothing compared to the feeling of elation a woman experiences when the baby is finally born. Been there, done that and I can say without fail, the awkwardness of the pregnancy is nothing compared to holding your baby! On that note I would like to wish all you my fellow UK mothers a very happy Mother’s day on Sunday.

Back to my topic, do you know that having a baby is the end result of a goal? Do you know that if you are not prepared to withstand the awkwardness of this goal and its demands on your body, the end result will never be seen? Why then do we set goals and let go of them at the first hint of awkwardness or discomfort? My call to you is to GET PREGNANT with your goal! Become obsessed with seeing that goal come to fruition, no matter what. And like that pregnant woman who walks awkwardly and seem like everything around her is subjected to that season of life, let your goal drive your daily decisions, actions and choices. Next time I will focus of what is needed to keep our goal healthy.


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