November 4, 2018

GROW with Goals

You may remember that 2 months ago, I casually mentioned that I wanted to finish off my new book "GROW with Goals". I'm pleased to say GROW with Goals is now on the book shelves and on Amazon ( and doing well too!

As we end this month, I would like to share a few things about the book with you. I wrote the book because I was starting to question the whole concept of goal-setting and the processes that lead to us achieving these set goals, that is, if we achieve them. I concluded that 'Yes, goals are worth setting if they GROW us'. While growing in the natural sense implies getting better, in the book, I also used GROW as an acronym to demonstrate the steps that make the achievement of goals happen.

The first step is 'G for Goals' – and I teach on how to set goals that have a strong why. It also elaborates on how goals are more likely to be realised when they utilize most or all of our senses. After fine-tuning our goals, we then need to ask the 'what' question and detail all that is needed to achieve these set goals. That's why the next letter is '‘R for Resource'. Resourcing yourself is the process of knowing what is needed to achieve your goals and equipping yourself with it/them. Once these two processes are complete, we need to get our lives organised around the accomplishment of the goals we set. 'O therefore represents Organisation'. Your life, your activities must be in synergy with your goals. It has been said that 'Those who changed the world started by mastering the art of making their bed'. An organised person will also find that they are blessed with the unique gift of realised goals. The acronym concludes with the letter 'W for Work'. Yes, to realise the dreams you set goals to achieve, you need to DO THE WORK! Every day, go to bed, knowing you gave it your best shot, knowing you moved closer to your goals because you did something about it.

I believe once we follow through with GROW instead of merely setting goals, we will ease the frustration from goal-setting and begin to thrive on the benefits.


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