March 2, 2015


In England (and a few other countries), Mother’s day is celebrated in March; the shops are beautifully decorated and gifts jump out to you on shelves. Like Christmas and everything else, it’s become another ‘commercialised event’. This year, as we approach Mother’s day, I can’t help thinking about the invaluable lessons I have learnt by being a mother. In my opinion it’s the lesson of Conception to Birth. It’s what I call The Secret Growth; it’s the growth that you might not necessarily see but is mounting up to a tangible unveiling. My topic this series is around the discussions of the baby in the womb up until the time it is born!
As we revisit this unique time of development, perhaps we will be able to draw some parallels to times in our lives when you know you are building up to the accomplishment of exciting goals, but realise certain steps & actions need to be taken for the baby (expected result) to emerge from the pregnant woman. It’s the cycle of conception to birth, it’s the culmination of seeing the reality of a dream you hoped for. And to make it easy, I found you an acronym (smile & wink...)

G - Get pregnant with desire
R - Rid yourself of junk
O - Observe & align
W - Work to push the baby out

Stay tuned and I guarantee, you are going to love this!


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