July 3, 2017


I love the definition of growth that refers to it as a positive change in size. In other words, when an item or a person grows, it is seen as a sign that the person is moving in a positive direction. Growth is always expected, growth is always celebrated and growth is a tangible representation of achievement or success. Today I would love to share with you how I grow...

  • G is for Goals. This is the first step in growing. You must set clear, specific, realistic and action-focused goals. Many goals never see the light of day because they are very general in nature and lack the specific focus to channel our energy to it. A goal that will be realised must be detailed and very specific.
  • R is for Resource. The next step to growing is to ensure you have all you need and all it takes to achieve your hearts desires. A GAP analysis is always a great place to start – ask yourself where you are now, where you want to go (based on your goals) and what you need to get there. Then RESOURCE yourself with all that is necessary to get there. Sometimes it might entail big commitments like returning to school or be as simple as reading a book. Whatever it takes, resource yourself to be the person that can do your goals.
  • O is for Organise. Not much can happen until you become organised for success. I have often referred to being organised as my biggest strength and I can guarantee you it has really helped me in juggling a lot of balls successfully. Becoming better organised starts with simple practices like sorting out your physical space, or, for the women, organising your bag etc. One thing is for sure - when you get organised, you achieve more.
  • Wis for Work. Work will win where wishing won’t. You must put in the work in to get the desired result. Set goals, resource yourself, become the most organised person and yet you still won’t make progress until you actually make time to do the work that is required by your goal. Being in business for a long time, I have seen people come in with the best ideas but very little discipline At the same time, I have seen others lacking ideas, but with exceptional work ethic. Guess who grows and makes the most progress? Of course it’s the person who does the work. Work is the treadmill to success and it is essential to make us GROW.
  • True BEAUTY

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