February 1, 2017

Love Is

There are many definitions of love, but all pointing to one thing – sacrificial giving, without expecting anything in return.

It’s February and many will use the word ‘Love’ to refer to the relationship between man and woman. On the 14th, florists shop will be out of business because we want to express that love in giving. Today I will take a leaf from that concept – many who love will demonstrate it by giving sacrificially, regardless of their current economic situation. I have emphasised ‘sacrificially’ because the best gifts are not the ones given out of the residue of abundance.

More than showing love to our significant others, perhaps worth considering is how sacrificial giving can benefit us and transform us from our current state. Permit me to highlight 2 stories that touched me in 2016 – the story of James Boden and Morrie Boogart. Morrie is 91 years old and lives in a hospice in Grandville, Michigan. Even though he is terminally ill, Morrie finds strength and purpose in knitting hats for the homeless. To say Morries work is inspirational is putting it lightly. He has chosen not to focus on his shortcomings but to lend a hand to someone around him who needs help too.
And this takes me to my 2nd highlight of 2016 – James Bowen. James was living rough, a recovering drug addict and homeless man who was given temporary accommodation. It was here he met Bob a cat, who needed care. Again, rather than focus on his own ‘helplessness’, he cared for the cat. The cat brought him good fortune, which has today resulted to a book and a film being written about the pair.

You see, love is not just an emotion expressed to those we know, it is a choice made to enrich and improve others, albeit sacrificial on our part.

As we celebrate this month of love, I encourage you to look afar, ignore the pain in your life, find a need and meet it. I guarantee that as you do, your own needs will be met too and your situation will change for the better.

Till next time, I charge you to #MakeADifference


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