July 20, 2015

LOVE : Part of the ‘FLY’ Series

What do you LOVE?

One dictionary definition of Love is ‘to have a strong liking for; to take great pleasure in’. Love is arguably one of the most potent emotions possessed by a human being and it powers us to go beyond our normal level of expectation. Today I want to talk about love in terms of the activities or our life devotion. If I were to ask you – ‘What do you love doing?’ what will your answer be? In fact I suggest scribbling something down right now. I say this because we only become truly exceptional when we do what we really love… Think about really successful people and they would without doubt tell you they absolutely love what they do – even before they became successful at it.

Now in my mind, I see 2 groups of people – one group pursuing what they love’ but no making a headway in being successful while the other group pursue a living without ever zeroing in on what really makes them happy. Neither is a great place to be but one thing is clear, with proper mentoring, those that pursue what they love have a change of someday being exceptional and achieving success. There is a liberating feeling in following your heart and giving the world the chance to experience the essence of your being.





“If you do what you love,
you’ll never work a day in your life”
– Marc Anthony


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