March 23, 2015

Observe & Align : 'GROW' series

One thing I also remember from those pregnant days is the scans. This was all so new to me but exciting. I remember the anticipation at my first scan… my grandmother had multiple sets of twins and I wondered if I was having 1 baby or 2 babies…. Then I remembered as the foetus grew, the scans were now designed to check if there were any abnormalities I needed to be aware of. I won’t forget the second scan when a few concerns were picked up. It was a tough time but thankfully that information helped me to align and eventually have a healthy baby.
So dear, to the questions

  1. Do you have check-ups for your goals? If yes, where? For instance if you are self-employed and your business does not offer communal growth sessions, have you considered joining or attending business networking events?
  2. Do you have mentors that help you re-examine, clarify and fine tune your goals?
  3. And when your goals are examined, what process do you adopt to realign them?
  4. When you examine your goals critically, do your findings freeze you with fear or do they propel you to realign and re-infuse your goals positively?

I could ask a 1000 questions on this subject because the more I speak to people, especially business minded ones, I find that many goals are aborted at the stage. People just do not give the time to re-examine, realign and reposition! For your goals to stand a chance of coming to fruition, you must find a check-up place and constantly take stock, re-evaluate and realign!


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