September 21, 2015

ORDERLINESS : Part of the ‘TOP’ Series


A while back I saw a bumper sticker that read ‘I’m too lazy to be disorganised, being organised makes my life easy’. How profoundly true is that? Many of us struggle with setting up and subsequently maintaining some order in our day to day life but wouldn’t you agree with me that when you finally get round to doing it, our lives run so much smoother.

Orderliness requires us to be organised in our surroundings, in our workspace and most especially in our HEAD. I pride myself at being very organised and strongly believe in the mantra that 10minutes of planning saves 1 hour of execution, but Orderliness goes beyond just being organised. Orderliness connotes being governed by a system or method… Remember the QUIZ series I did a while back, you might want to watch it if you haven’t. It will teach you how to question your processes and zero in on what works, and is productive.

Spend time organising your thoughts and developing a method for your daily dealings at work and you ae definitely on your way to the TOP





“Order marches with weighty
and measured strides.
Disorder is always in a hurry.”

– Napoleon Bonaparte


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