October 15, 2018


Thanks for all your congratulatory messages and good wishes following last month’s detailing of my productivity journey. I really do hope you’ve had the opportunity to try out the LIST method and are enjoying the benefits. Please share your stories – I love to hear them!

This month, I want to continue with another train of thought I had, post MAP 2018. At MAP, we announced registration for MAP 2019, with the theme ‘Significant Me’ because I believe the theme is particularly apt for this season. Many of the women I interact with, whether at MAPMe sessions or in my day-to-day grind, have a desire to leave a legacy and footprints in this world. It lends to my #LiveWell #LiveFull #LiveOut platform where we do not stop at making a sustainable living, but go beyond it to extending our purpose and giftings to the world around us. The questions then arise -
How do we go about living out?
How do we make an impact in a world that is so alive with ideas?
How do we become a VOICE in a world full of noise?

Recently I have been thinking about this a lot and the word PLATFORM comes to mind. Why you might ask? A platform is defined as a raised surface on which people or things can stand. It gives leverage and a better opportunity to be seen in the midst of a crowd. Just imagine trying to get heard with a big crowd around you, a platform could give you the much-needed visibility. Of course, if you shout loud enough, you will still be heard, but there is definitely a correlation between visibility and getting an audience, so, where necessary, make yourself visible to be heard.

I believe that as we make the effort to be seen, heard, and make an impact, we are that much more effective when we stand on our platform. The next question then is - ‘How do you discover and make use of your platform?’

To get started, lets work through together, the four Ds to maximising your platform.

  1. What do you currently DO? What are your daily DUTIES? These are often a clue to your platform as continuously doing the tasks have made you an expert of some sort and people associate the duty with you. Are you a student, fulltime mum, career woman? What are you known for and what is the first thing people think about when they hear you name?
  2. What is your DREAM? What needs do you DESIRE to fulfil? Even if it you are far from it right now, writing it down might help you understand the steps needed to someday make the dream a reality
  3. Connect the DOTS! How can your current position enable where you hope to be? What can you do with what you already have, to make you edge closer to your dream?
  4. DESIGN – After doing the three tasks above, you would need to make a next steps plan, knowing that taking those steps will lead you to where you eventually want to go.

Essentially, I believe that when you seek out what you do effortlessly, and what increases your credibility, you need to perfect it and use it as leverage to other new pursuits – this is the platform way! Remember your platform could be a job, an association, a business you are involved in or a skill you have. To get your message across to your world, consider using this platform as a leverage to your dreams.

On a personal note, I have always been passionate about developing Africa through innovative entrepreneurship. However, 2 years ago, that seemed impossible – I was simply known as a Mary Kay sales director. I didn’t give up, but kept my dream alive and started to connect the dots… I saw how being successful in an entrepreneurship venture gave me credibility to become an entrepreneurship expert, and therefore have a voice in Africa. Well I designed my path and today, I am back in school to add academia to my experience and begin the journey of influencing Africa.

I hope sharing my personal experience has given you a clue to finding and building your platform. If you need help doing the essential step of CONNECTING THE DOTS, you could book a MAPMe session with me and I would be delighted to help.

Remember, your voice needs to be heard so start speaking today!


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