February 16, 2015

Removing Filters : Filters part two

Interpreting the light

As we saw last week, my yellow paper was definitely showing as green when the light passed passed through blue filters. Same with the way we perceive life, a lot of conclusions we arrive at as we relate with people in everyday life are actually coloured by the filters through which that circumstance or situation is judged.

To be able get the most of our relationships with those around us, it is important to learn to ‘come to the other persons light’. Now what are these ‘filters’?

  1. Backgrounds
  2. Past baggage & experiences
  3. Educational inclinations

I’m not in any way saying we should now become masters of different backgrounds or experiences. We simply need to look beyond ourselves in times of conflict and ask the question ‘Is there any reason why I could be perceiving this situation differently from Mr A or Ms B?’ In my own personal experiences, I have forged great friendships and business relationship for just this reason. Let me know how it goes.

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