February 5, 2018


R is for Resource

Think about these 3 questions –
1. Who do you want to be?
2. What do you need to do to become that person?
3. What steps are you taking today?

I have heard people talk about goals and they often include a desire to ‘be the best in their field’, ‘be the best mum/dad’, ‘become an entrepreneur’, ‘become very rich and influential’… the common thread in these goals is to attain a status indicative of growth in an area mostly familiar.

In pursuing these goals, I also know they could remain merely dreams. This is because a goal without corresponding action is merely a dream that can become a nightmare. To guarantee our goals are achieved, it is important to take steps towards those goals DAILY. A formula I wrote to myself to help me do just that is the GAP – an acronym for Gain, Avoid, Pair. In more elaborate terms, its answering the questions – what gains do I need to make, what do I need to avoid and who do I need to pair/partner with?

This takes me to today’s word – RESOURCE! The Oxford dictionary defines Resource as a supply of materials (including money) and other assets that can be drawn on by a person/organisation in order to function effectively.

On a personal note, after MAP workshop last year, the strengths-finder showed my predominant drive to be TEACHING. I didn’t really fancy the idea of teaching in primary or secondary school but somehow liked the sound of university, which inferred I needed to put a doctorate on my vision board. I could have stopped in my tracks because I don’t even have a masters, but instead I saw it as a challenge to resource myself. By the end of June, I had registered for an MSc and I am being kept motivated because of the picture of a PhD someday.

I use my example because it’s the same process for most of us. Take the first step towards the goals you set by making a critical analysis of exactly what needs to be done and take step no 1 today. I am cheering you on. All the best!


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