August 31, 2015

RESPECT : Part of the ‘STAR’ Series

Respect – my early years were spent in Nigeria, where respect meant a lot. For most families, you wouldn't even dare to call your immediate older sibling by name, you will have to add some form of title. Moving to this side of the world, 16 years ago, I realised that respect as we typified it in Nigeria wasn't quite the same. What do they say about a leopard never losing its spots…? Well subconsciously I find myself according respect as I interpret it at every opportunity. I walk past random elders and say good morning to them with a slight bowing of my head and remind myself I might have just embarrassed the passer-by. On the flip side, I have seen people smile and feel recognised and appreciated when I have accorded them respect.

Mary Kay Ash, one of my mentors said ‘Imagine everyone has an invisible sign around their neck with the words “make me feel important!”.’ I try my best to live by this and according respect, I find, actually makes those around me feel important.

What ways can you show respect to people in your day to day world? Who should you respect? I love the service of the Armed Forces so I show my appreciation by always making a point to greet them properly when I see them in malls etc. Why not find a way to live out this quality this week.

Remember to be a STAR by
being Thankful
Advancing daily
Respecting those in your world





"Every human being, of whatever origin,
of whatever station, deserves respect.
We must each respect others
even as we respect ourselves.”

- U. Thant


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