August 10, 2015

SERVE : Part of the ‘STAR’ Series

A couple of weeks back I attended a conference at the O2 and while waiting for the programme to begin, I asked myself one of those searching questions – ‘Doyin which qualities do you possess that’s makes you feel particularly able to take on the world?’ Yes I know, I am a random thinker, probably one of my most defining qualities actually 🙂 so I spent the next 5 minutes or so scribbling down attitudes of my heart that I find endearing… lol. You can’t imagine the smile that curled up on my lips when I looked down at my list and saw a word leap at me – I had spelt the word STAR. Yes I was mega excited and plastered one of my ‘I’m a superstar’ grins on my face. This August is devoted to sharing those qualities with you, because I know when you feel like a STAR, others see that STAR quality in you, gravitate towards it and treat you like a STAR. Enjoy…

Serve – in my opinion, there are few things that bring us humans a sense of fulfilment as much as serving!

As I looked through my list, I increasingly became intrigued by the word SERVE. I thought more about this word and needed to be sure it had no other meaning than what I had ascribed to it, so of course I grabbed my dictionary. Of the definitions I found, the one I liked best was ‘to render assistance; be of use; help’. While the definition in itself says a lot about this unique quality, what is of more importance is the attitude of a heart that serves.

Choosing to serve very often involves inconveniencing ourself to help another person feel comfortable. Do you know that humanitarians and those who are disposed to doing things for others generally live a more qualitative life, live longer, healthier and are more fulfilled? I am convinced something happens to the heart when you SERVE the needs of another. Now I don’t want you to think you have to give up your job and spend all your days in a charitable organisation in your bid to serve, it could be the small things you do daily. For instance, there are food banks in most major cities – they rely on volunteers to make their goals come to fruition; you could choose to serve there monthly, quarterly or how often you are able. By doing your only little bit or finding opportunities to serve, you become more in tune with meeting the needs of others and then waking up daily will hold a new meaning….



"You have not lived today
until you have done something
for someone who can never repay you."
- John Bunyan


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