January 4, 2016

Take Stock

January // TAKE STOCK

Happy New Year and welcome to the ‘new format’ Minute Motivation.

Many who know me, know that I love sports – tennis, football and more recently, I have particularly enjoy Formula 1. I love the rush of energy, the sound of the engines and the nail-biting moments. Ok Doyin, don’t get carried away here, most of your readers/listeners are women ! Apart from the thrill of the sports, I actually do learn a lot from the sport. This month’s chat is as a result of one of those lessons – the role of tyre changes in a skilled driver winning the race.

For those who don’t know anything about Formula 1, before the race begins, a driver will agree a STRATEGY with his race engineer (and sometimes team). This strategy will detail how many times the driver pits to change tyres and at what point of the race this happens. A god race engineer however knows that to win, he needs to also keep an eye on the weather & incidents, and modify the race strategy & tyre changes to eventually get his race driver on the podium. Did that strike a chord in you? It’s evident that being quick to respond is the underlining quality that makes a winning strategy deliver results!

As we close down 2015 and look forward to conquering 2016, I encourage you, like me, to take a critical look at the plans & goals you set last year.

  • Are you happy with the results you achieved?
  • What worked well?
  • What needs to be tweaked and
  • What needs to be completely overhauled?

Instead of completely overhauling of your goals, I have found that what needs changing is very often STRATEGY. I’ve done the same with Minute Motivation and even though we’ve had tremendous success in the last 12 months, my plan is to keep improving and getting better. I have ‘reassessed the weather’ and made a few changes without changing the core of what I do (sparking off a thought that produces results in you). Here’s what you can expect in 2016 –

  1. A slightly longer video (about 3minutes) would air on the 1st Saturday of the month to summarise my thoughts for the month. Your much-loved acronyms will still be employed but this time, you will get it all at once. And to stay true to our name, I have changed it slightly to ‘Minute (little) Motivation’
  2. On the other Saturdays, I will post a blog (text or video) to cement our ‘Let’s Read’ drive. I believe leaders are readers and I want to do everything to encourage the habit of reading at least 1 book every month. Please share your lightbulb moments from the book and suggest books you have found helpful in your journey of success.
  3. Daily tweets/posts of quotes relating to the theme of the month. Please follow me on twitter (@MinMotivation) or like my Facebook page (www.fb.com/MinMotivation) to benefit from this.

As always, I welcome your feedback on the changes and look forward to your thoughts on our ‘Book of the month’


Book of the Month:

How Successful people Win by John Maxwell





"Success is...
knowing your purpose in life,
growing to reach your maximum potential, and
sowing seeds that benefit others.”
- John C. Maxwell


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