August 17, 2015

THANKFUL : Part of the ‘STAR’ Series

Thankful – I loooooove being thankful! From the time we wake up in the morning till we rest our head at night, we are constantly bombarded with demands on our emotions. Many times we let ourselves go off in a spiral of self-pity and feel irrelevant. I have learnt to channel my thoughts aright and stop the avalanche of negative feelings and emotion by asking myself the question ‘Could this have been worse?’ Next I try to find the good in the situation and focus on it. It’s a case of the well-known reference to 2-sides-of-a-coin or half-full-half-empty; we choose the interpretation from the circumstance/situation.

Choosing to be thankful paves the way to more goodness coming into your life. As I write I remember a line from Rick & Cathy Riso’s song ‘A Thankful Heart’. The line goes ‘…overcoming every problem begins with a thankful heart... .’ how true is that? Wasn’t this same attitude of being thankful also alluded to in the Best-selling book ‘The Secret’ when the gratitude rock was mentioned? It’s a proven nugget for success and living a happy/fulfilling life. If you doubt it I challenge you to choose to be thankful all through the day for just one day. Start out by writing out everything you are thankful for – the shape of your face, the fact that you can hear/read this right now etc. You will definitely become full of joy and be well able to take on whatever comes up in the day. Be Thankful!





Overcoming every problem
begins with a thankful heart.”
- Rick & Cathy Riso
from the song 'A Thankful Heart'


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