June 1, 2015

Value : 'LIVE' Series

Value others and things around you

Picture 2 scenarios – a diamond wrapped in an old newspaper or the same diamond displayed elegantly on a black velvet, draped on a stool…. I got your mouth watering there didn’t I? We would all agree that the value of the diamond didn’t change but my attraction & desire for that diamond was definitely be influenced by my perception. Truth is we might never have been able to benefit from the value of that diamond simply because the presentation of the diamond watered its value in our eyes.

One of the things that has brought me growth in recent times is my decision to seek out value in everyone and everything around me. Although difficult at times, I understand that if I am somehow able to focus on the value of people around me, then I can benefit from them, and make adjustments in my own life.

Taking it a step further, I believe every relationship should be symbiotic and I know I have strength is helping people better present their skills so as I begin to benefit from the value of the diamonds around me (particularly those wrapped in old newspapers), I give back to them and enhance their innate value by helping them become better presented..
Another benefit of placing value on others is that it paves the way to a new level of success. You suddenly have an army of people who want nothing but success for you and those linked to you. Think about it, who doesn’t like someone who believes in them and makes them feel like a million dollars? Your ability to develop extol someone else’s value and in your own way help to develop it is the formula for living a full life.


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