October 12, 2015

WRITE : Part of the 'WAY' Series

Your WAY to Success: W - WRITE

I've had a great day today and as I sit scribbling, I ask myself what words defined me in the last quarter. You see I like taking stock of my past, so I have the necessary ‘fuel’ to build a better future. More than taking stock, I love patterns (probably the mathematician in me) and I get doubly excited when I write things down that spell a word 🙂 . It feels weird but acronyms and pneumonic actually make me happy! This month, I want to talk about three words that have defined me in recent times; they are words which spark the creativity and productivity in me… Let’s just say it’s a new WAY of life and can you believe it, they spell the word WAY.

Anyway enough of the rant and let’s get started with ‘W’

W for today is for WRITE. Yes I encourage you to de-clutter your brain by writing your thoughts, your frustrations and your ideas down. Sometime last year I was introduced to the idea of JOURNALING. At first I felt strange… it was neither a diary nor a workbook; it was just a friend in book form that I could be completely open with. I tried it out and boy, it has turned out to be such a powerful tool. To get you started, you might want to buy a very pretty book – one that makes you smile when you see it. Then every time you have an ‘AHA!’ moment, grab your journal and write in it. This is also true for when you have frustrations - I mean how many people can we actually trust to fully understand what we are going though and navigate the journey for us? Not many really, but yet we find ourselves aborting our goals because someone agreed our frustration should be the end of our dreams. Just imagine if you could write it all down without being judged and having the 100% assurance that you won’t get a negative response? Awesome, right? I encourage you to give it a try this week. Write out all your 'light bulb' (‘AHA!’) moments as well as your frustrating ones and send me a message to let me know how relived it made you feel. Have an awesome week!





"Writing in a journal reminds you of your goals
and of your learning in life.
It offers a place where you can hold a deliberate,
thoughtful conversation with yourself.”
- Robin S. Sharma


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