October 26, 2015

YET : Part of the ‘WAY’ Series


It’s the last letter in this series of attitudes I have adopted in the past couple of weeks

  • W for Write
  • A for Act and
  • Y for Yet!

Yes you got that right… I love the word YET because it puts an emphasis on HOPE. Think of these 2 statements – ‘I haven’t made any sales today’ and ‘I haven’t made any sales today, yet’. I’m sure you’ll agree that the second statement gives a sense of expectation and hope that even though you haven’t achieved your goal, you believe you one day will. It’s so liberating to live like that – believing that there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. As long as you believe it’s only a matter of time and that there’s a ‘YET’ in your temporary mishap, you are sure to LIVE FULL and apprehend all that’s ahead of you. Till we see next time, keep WRITING; keep ACTING; and keep believing by adding a YET to your temporary mishaps. That’s truly the WAY to excel!





“Impossible only means that
you haven’t found the solution yet.”
– Unknown


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