February 2, 2015

Zero in on what works : 'QUIZ' series

Zero in on what works

Think back to a time you achieved something ‘mega’ – it could even be as far as when you were in secondary school… Now ask yourself ‘how did I achieve that?’ Okay I’m laughing again because one of the successful times in my life was when I was in secondary school; I was always top of my class. I remember doing this exercise – trying to debug my brains of the many things that made me successful. I was shocked to realise that I was always successful when I didn’t procrastinate. Being in boarding school and being free of the distractions of Television and my siblings wanting to chat with me gave way to singular focus. Even now when I want to build a system in my life or achieve a big goal, I default back to the simple rule of not procrastinating.

So dear, what is your big tried & tested strength? Is it time to leverage that strength? If you can’t think of anything, perhaps it’s time to do the exercise below:

  1. Ask those closest to you to tell you what your unique strengths are? Could it be your organisational ability, your warmth, your smile? Just list them.
  2. Next, write down the key skills you believe you need to develop in order to move on to the next level in your life & business?
  3. Write out how you can fix the skill deficiency in 2 and commit to starting that process NOW!

Someone once said 1 minute of preparation will save 4 minutes of execution. You will be surprised just how efficient your life will turn out to be when you -

  • Question your processes
  • Understand your unique strengths
  • Imitate those who are already where you are and
  • Zero and multiply the things that work for you and you will have more successes!


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