January 25, 2015

Imitate Someone Already Successful : 'QUIZ' series

Imitate a successful person

Last week, I talked about understanding your personal strength and developing your structure to suit your uniqueness. This week, I want to take that a step further by adding on the layer of Role models & mentors. Another way to develop a system/structure that works is to look for someone who is already successful at what you aim to achieve and ‘imitate’ them.

Can I stress that imitating a successful person does not deplete your uniqueness but it creates a springboard for you to build on. Just this morning I decided to read up on one of the best known sculptors/painters – Michelangelo and I was particularly interested in the apprenticeships he did before becoming who he was. Though he would one day paint the ceiling of the Sistine chapel and be the sculptor of ‘David’, he started out by learning from the best in his field at the time in Florence! Thinking about it, the best craftsmen were those who yielded to mentoring.

So to round off todays chat, I will encourage you to think of people around you who are excelling in the areas of life you want to excel at and write down their names. For example, if you want excellence in your marriage, write down 1 or 2 couples that you really admire. If its with raising children, write out the names of those whose children you love… then schedule a time out with them and ask them the ‘how, ‘when’ & ‘what’ questions. Then pick the ones you can act on and start off your journey of excellence!

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