January 5, 2015


Structure releases you

When my children were a lot younger and I was invited to birthday parties, I found the parties I enjoyed most were those with just one exit door – I simply sat near the door. I knew that as long as the kids didn’t go past me at that door, they were safe and within the party building. That confidence FREEE me and also gave them the freedom to enjoy the party without interference from me. In case you are wondering where I’m going with this, its simple ‘the safety of structure gives freedom to live and enjoy what you love‘.

In my day-to-day life, i meet loads of people and the more people I meet, I am aware of people’s desire to live free…. However these same people abhor the process of putting a structure in place, forgetting that structure is a net that paves the way for freedom… This month, I will be exploring this thought and giving u simple suggestions that will help u put a structure in place.

To help you remember, here’s an acronym

Q – Question your processes
U – Understand YOU
I – Imitate a successful person
Z – Zero in on what works

Stay tuned…

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