March 16, 2015

Rid Yourself of Junk : 'GROW' series

My first daughter was born just over a year after I moved to England. Being my first full summer living on this side of the world, I quickly realised that open air barbeques were extremely fashionable. You can’t imagine how I felt when an older lady from church pulled me aside on one of such barbeques and suggested it was probably not a good idea to eat barbequed meat because of the pregnancy. What? Living in Nigeria and being raised by my suya-loving father, barbeques were the closest to that and now I had to give it up for this baby – really? Oh well, I soon got lots of other inputs – no extreme stiletto heels, no cheeses, no wine… no life really.

What is interesting is that even though looking back now, some of those things I abstained from were not necessary, not once did I question it. I was so engulfed with my end result baby that I was willing to make any sacrifice, rid myself of the junk and ensure my baby was healthy!
This might seem long-winded but my question to you is ‘What are the habits and indulgences that stand hamper the realisation of your goals?’ What are the things you need to get rid of to get you to your desired end result? Last year, I found SLEEP was a major one. I just glanced at the time now and its 4.16am! I’m so happy I decided to cut down that sleep and give more attention to developing myself and getting back to writing motivational pieces. As Mary Kay Ash said, "6 early risings in a week gives you a 9-day week instead of 7". I am a product of the 9-day weeks. My capacity has increased and I have time to do all I always dreamt of.

For some others, it might be the distraction called Social media, Television, excessive social life or even the internet. Take this from me, if you are passionate about your goals and you want to see it come to fruition in a healthy manner (one that doesn’t cost you your family life or make you compromise the things that matter to you), you have to determine what you need to rid yourself of and discipline yourself to get rid of the junk!

3 comments on “Rid Yourself of Junk : 'GROW' series”

  1. You really got me thinking on this one Doyin. Thanks for your total dedication to this weekly nugget.

  2. Brilliant, Doyin! And you remain an inspiration for me to get my clips out there too. Great job. Go you! Leah


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