February 23, 2015

Set Your Watch

Think about the last time you travelled anywhere...Its fresh in my mind as I just got back from France 2 days ago and this time I actually drove down. I remember getting out of the Eurotunnel and putting the address of my hotel in my Satellite navigation device; it calculated the time-of arrival, which was roughly 4 hours - sigh! Based on this time estimate, I came up with a plan - I would take a break after driving 2 hours, refill my tank after another hour and a half etc. You can't imagine my surprise when I realised it was actually a 3-hour journey. You see, my SatNav was a lot smarter than me and had taken into consideration that France is 1 hour ahead of England. So the 10am showing on my SatNav was actually 9am UK time!

That experience couldn't have come at a better time as my thoughts in the last couple of weeks have been around the subject of SETTING YOUR WATCH and the impact it has on your destination! When heading for a new destination, different from where you currently are, it is pertinent to set your watch to the time zone you are headed as everything in your new destination will be interpreted in terms of their time, not yours! Just think back to when you last flew in an aeroplane, just before landing, the announcer will let you know the time in your destination country as everything will now be interpreted according to that time.

So dear, what destination are you currently headed to? Success; Abundance; Discipline; Diligence; Consistency? Ask yourself, 'how do things operate in that destination?' For example, most successful people are creatures of habit and routine which means you need to tune your way of thinking (your watch) to becoming a creature of habit if you want to become successful! Truth is you won't apprehend certain levels of success insisting on your old way of doing things; you need to make a change or in my new found words, SET YOUR WATCH!

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